Health Services

RFDS Health Services

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) assists people in a variety of ways that are specially adapted to the challenging remote Australian environment.

In a city, people who need help from a health practitioner can generally see them in person within a short timeframe, or in an emergency can head to the nearest hospital. This is not possible in many RFDS locations because the health practitioner might not visit for another few weeks and the hospital is much too far away.

To enable people to receive health services in remote areas, the RFDS has devised a range of methods that accommodate this situation. We have doctors available over the telephone, health practitioners (General Practitioners or those from various other health disciplines) visit particular locations as regularly as possible, and we fly doctors and nurses to patients to assist with emergency situations that require hands-on medicine or airlifting to the nearest hospital. We also run a range of health promotion services to help educate people about health matters and to encourage them to take better care of themselves – prevention is better than cure.

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